Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always celebrated at our house. We have the family over, which consists of my sisters & their families & Joe's Dad & his girlfriend. It's not a big crowd but you couldn't tell from all the noise! LOL!!

We exchange gifts from each other but first we make the kids wait for it. When we were growing up our Dad made us open all our presents on Christmas Eve at midnight (technically Christmas he couldn't wait). So we turned it into tradition to do the same, only the kids can't make it to midnight so we wait until 9-ish...or we're sick of them begging.
Marissa would only let me take a pic if I got my sister's evil dog Lorenzo in the shot. I call him evil because he's bitten her several times but she loves him anyway. Gianna would smile but good luck catching her to pose...she would not stand still the entire night!!
Me & my girls, all dressed in red.

Chaos as they open presents!!
Gianna's favorite gift from her grandpa, a Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse. Smells like strawberries too! Yum!!
The girls leaving cookies & milk for Santa....and carrots for the reindeer!! They know to cover all their bases to make sure they get the goods! LOL!


Carrie said...

Sorry I had to LOL at the dog's name, Lorenzo..cute. You and your girls are beautiful. :) Looks you had a nice Christmas Eve. Love the Disney stockings.

Kerry McKibbins said...

I LOVE your pictures!
Merry Christmas (a little late) and Happy New Year!