Monday, November 9, 2009

Still more Halloween

So yes I went from posting something Thanksgiving related to Halloween. I'm still in a Fall frame of mind, not ready to move on to Christmas.

It's not like my TWO neighbors that ALREADY put up their outdoor CHRISTMAS decorations!! (although knowing my luck when I go to put out my decorations it'll probably be COLD)

And yes, I'm still playing with old Halloween pics. It's just that I have all my Halloween embellies & things out & PLENTY of pics to scrap....besides Nichol's sketch makes it super easy to do!!

Missed the deadline on 2P's for posting this one but I don't care much. I often wonder why I still bother posting there at all anymore, except to keep all my LO's in 1 gallery. Anyone else feel the same?? Still love browing the gallery for inspiration but it's not the same anymore, KWIM?


Carla said...

great all fits so well! Love seeing your itty bitty girls, so adorable!!
I feel the same about the gallery...not really into it anymore. I just seem to post there when I really like something I made.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love it! i so need to scrap, can i borrow your mojo now?

i haven't posted any layouts in forever. and i rarely cruise it anymore. i will post ever so often on the scrap board, but that's about it. i'm not sure what changed for me, but something did...i'm over it. though, i have thought to go back and post all my layouts, so i'd have a backup. kwim? but they are mostly all in my slide.

Heather Ruwe said...

Love this! :)