Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week: TWENTY-NINE

Time gets away from me too much lately. I've got a few weeks of Project Life to share, but as always, finding time/remembering to take pics messes me up.

Week 29 is a combination of a lot of pics with a handful of filler cards. It works for me. 

I had a few pics from Tuesday that I wanted to include so I stretched it out between the middle 3x4's to the bottom 4x6, used the pink tags to make them flow a little.

The second half has more filler cards but they show some movies we went to see so I don't consider them true "filler" cards. The bottom left pocket is a collage I made on my iPhone with the "PicFrame" app, it's also a flip card (sorry no pic) with a few more pics. I did the journaling on the side since I somehow printed the collage a little smaller than 4x6, and didn't want to re-print it (same for the pic on the right).

And there's Week 29, just as we're starting Week 42! I'm right on top of things around here! LOL! 

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