Monday, March 12, 2012

12 on 12 March

My 12 pics on the 12th of the month.

Lunch boxes ready for school.

Was working on PL when I couldn't do anymore without getting out my Silhouette. All I had time for was a quick clean up that somehow turned into re-organzing this drawer. Go figure. Can't tell by this pic but I gained **this** much more elbow room. ;)

After doing her homework, Gianna rushed outside to play on the swinset while enjoying the beautiful weather!

Marissa working on her homework. Still makes me pause to see her do her homework on the computer. Makes me feel old. :(

Monday night CCD classes for the girls.

Quick Target run!!

Would it be weird for me to buy this?? My kids are 10 & 7....(Although Gianna asked me twice why I didn't buy it for her. HA!)

Hard for me to resist, but passed since it wouldn't be easy to drink from while on the treadmill.

My girlies love these!

Chore chart I found on Pinterest.

My sunshine modeling the top I get her from Target.

She'll be eleven soon. Where does time go?? **sigh**

There are my 12 on 12. Hoping to get these 3 months worth of pics scrapped by April 12th!! HA!!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Love Target just wish we had one here! :-(