Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is it Friday yet??

This week has been absolutely nutty & emotionally draining.

Joe left Monday for a trade show convention in Orlando, leaving me home with the girls. I never like being without him for long. That night I emailed him pics of Marissa's math homework to check since she's doing algebra & apparently I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader. ;)

Over the weekend, I had pulled out all the photo frames I had in mind for the future photo wall in my living room. I laid them out on my kitchen table & Joe approved! I needed to spray paint a few so I would spray them a little each day.

see them? I love how it's coming out & I have more frames to add. Crossing my fingers it will be ready for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday after the show he went to the The Christmas party at the Magic Kingdom. Lucky him! We haven't been there at Christmastime in years!

As happy as I was for him, I was melancholy due to it being the anniversary of my Dad's passing. I was sad & cried a lot that day.

Besides all the usual activities the girls have during the week, Wednesday was "class observation" in school. Parents get to visit the classroom at their appointed time & see the class in action. It's just for 15 mins or so but afterwards I had to go to work afterwards. It was a non stop day.

While on the computer that afternoon I got a virus on my computer, I believe after clicking on a link from Becky Higgins on Facebook. This is the second time it's happened to me. I think I need to stop following her & just get updates through Twitter. Annoying.

After the girls' homework, we made Joe chocolate chip cookies to surprise him when he got back today. Bedtime was a killer for me, since Gianna pushed me over the edge. Getting out of bed, messing around in their bathroom & running around, staying up late past 10:30. I flipped. After dealing with her, I went into our Den where I found a huge mess of theirs & ended up tossing EVERYTHING into garbage bags. (Filled 4 bags). Then I proceeded to email Joe pics of the room before & after, waiting for his call.

I basically had a breakdown when he called. I cried more. I ranted & raved at him, venting my frusteration over the phone. Missing his shoulder to cry on. I was drained. I was too wound up to sleep but I was physically & emotionally exhausted.

This morning, I told the girls in order to avoid having their stuff tossed in the garbage, they must clean the den as well as their bedrooms & put all their things away. I explained that they are old enough to help me around here & can not expect me to do it all for them. I'm done.

After taking them to school, I had a long overdue hair appt. I was in need of a haircut badly. I was trying a new salon that someone recommended to me. Upon finding the salon, I had my doubts about the place but chalked it up to still being in a bad mood from last night so I walked in. I should have turned & walked out but stuck it out since it was recommended. The lady who cut my hair was an older lady & seemed to know what she was doing BUT I told her to keep the length & just clean it up a bit. She went shorter than I wanted & didn't style it well but at this time I was fighting the urge to jump out of the chair screaming to stop. I don't think she gave me a bad cut but it wasn't what I wanted. I came home, washed my hair & re-styled it. It was ok but not as long as it was. I will never again ignore my gut instinct. Lesson learned.

The girls have half days at school both today & tomorrow due to parent teacher conferences, so by the time I was done with my hair it was time to pick them up.

During this time, Joe was flying home so he can come with me to the girls' conferences. I could not wait for him to get home, I missed him SO much!

After feeding the girls lunch, I remembered that I was scheduled for a repair man to come fix my mini fridge, & I vacuumed & mopped the kitchen floor really quick.

Awhile after getting done Joe was home! The girls & I raced to the door to greet him. It was so good to have him home!! He was happily surprised with the cookies too! Shortly after the repair guy came & was here until 4-ish. (thankfully fixing the fridge)

I fed the girls dinner at 5:30. My sister, Chet was coming over to watch the girls so we could go to the conferences at 6pm.

Meeting with the teachers, both girls got good report cards. The only downside is Gianna has to learn to control herself & not fidget so much. The girl has ants in her pants!! She can't sit still to save her life!! It drives me nuts & I apologized to her teacher. It's something we definitely need to work on. Other than that we are very happy with their grades.

We then took advantage of our sitter & went to a diner for dinner, just the two of us. It was great to talk to him about everything in person.

Now I am typing this on my iPhone while On hold with "Dell" as they fix the virus on my computer.

Calgon? Are you there? I am DONE! Take me away!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rough week! I hope things have gotten better. It's so hard when you're dealing with all that on your own. I have that from Jan-April 15th and it's hard not to get frustrated with EVERYTHING!!!