Monday, September 5, 2011

Garden Girl

Back with another LO that I didn't have time to share before our trip. And no it has nothing to do with the "garden girls" over at 2Peas. ;)

This LO came together pretty quick. The pics have been sitting in my "to-scrap" pile for awhile. When I was looking to break away from the school LO's I came across these & went to it.

The pics aren't the best. I kept waiting for some good lighting but finally just went ahead & took these. The papers are old but look prettier IRL. I've been trying to be better about using older product, I mean, I liked it enough to buy it right? And for some reason I have the hardest time matching green cardstock to my LO's, and red, and blue....maybe it's me. ;)

I wasn't sure how I wanted to lay out my title but I finally cut out these semi circles & "pretend stitched" around the edges. Why pretend stitch? Because I don't own a sewing machine....wouldn't know how to thread one if I owned one. Need to fix that.
I ruffled the ribbons to add some interest.
I hope you are enjoying Labor Day, whatever you're doing. We are handling some last minute errands before school starts on Wed. Keeping it very low key since Joe has been handling the mess at his shop from the flood. He got about 18" of water inside his building & it's ruined lots of games & equipment, nevermind papers & such. Lots of trash, & we are supposed to get more rain towards the end of the week. He is taking it pretty well since there's not much we can do about it, but clean up. Luckily, our house didn't get any water damage but other parts of our town did. Just thankful it wasn't worse.

Now to get the girls haircuts & some new sneakers!


Staci said...

Great LO! Faux stitching is my best friend, LOL. Have a wonderful week!

Tiffany said...

I have been wanting to try the ruffle ribbon technique for a while. The LO looks beautiful.

Suzanne said...

The photos are adorable, and I love your two page design! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Great layout! So cute!