Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Cleaning

I don't know what's come over me, but lately I have had the overwhelming need to de-clutter my house. Of course since I am the ultimate procrastinator, I tend to put things off since they might take too long, though when I finally come around to it, I find it doesn't take long at all.

Story of my life.

So, of course, I have a gazillion things to do on my to do list & I need a bunch done before Saturday.

Why? Oh, because I'm having a "fence party".

"What's a "fence party"?" You ask?

Technically it started out as a get together with some friends...back in July, but we had to keep re-scheduling the date due to various reasons. We ended up changing locations too & now it's at my house. Since we got our new fence installed at the end of the summer I was so excited about it I kept telling Joe we were having a "fence party" to celebrate my annoying neighbors not being able to spy on our house.

Yes they really did spy on the inside my house & were stupid enough to tell us they did!!

So back to my reality....I am in the midst of de-cluttering my house. I swear it's groaning from all the crap that we have around here. When I say crap I mean kids toys & old clothes. Well some clothes aren't old exactly but they sure don't fit so they are getting kicked to the curb so to speak. The girls' school is having a clothing drive that raises money for the school & of course as my luck would have it, it's on Saturday. So I am going around cleaning, purging, & tearing out my hair.

Be back next week with something crafty!


Tammy said...

I go through cleaning and decluttering phases too. It feels good to lighten the load sometimes! The fence party sounds fun - any excuse to celebrate is fine by me! :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

oi! spying on your house? oi oi oi!! yuck! i hate nosey people like that...