Monday, August 1, 2011

School Kits Kindergarten Miss G

I have had these laying on my desk for too long & finally made a point to take pics so I have something to blog. ;) When I get these done the last thing I do is the journaling. Since I handwrite it, I procrastinate about it.

Now I only have to work on THIS school year & I'll be done until next summer!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel & I'm excited about it!

Gianna's Kindergarten year was the same year that Marissa was in 3rd grade & I must have volunteered a lot that year in both classes (or they had a lot more going on) because I had to make three LO's for this year just like Marissa's. I tried to limit the number of pics but part of the problem was they were already printed & since I hate to waste prints, I went with it.


Once again the banners find their way on the LO's....

I try to use as much of the kit that I can without using it all & then have nothing to last for future LO's. (got that??) The border stickers that come in the kit I use in small amounts. Wish there were more of those in the kits than just 2 sheets. On the other hand, the photo corners & fasteners I have plenty of & use as much as I want--they were plentiful in the kit.

This LO was obviously made when I was lacking creativity. Looks like I just slapped the pics down & call it a day, but since it's done, I'm not stressing over it.
I knew I was going to use the banner stamps on the journaling card but it looked sorta plain (still does) so I added that little owl.

The second page I use more of the border sticker that came in the kit plus a border punch.

I think I redeemed myself with this LO & made it pop more. I think when I limit myself to "just" the kit the ideas freeze.

I can't seem to make a LO with a border punch involved. A few select ones never leave my desk.I tried using more of the alphas instead of just the numbers on the MM Tiny Type stickers. It's not even funny how many sheets I'm messing with just for numbers. Now I just need to print off Gianna's 1st grade & Marissa's 4th grade years & scrap those, then I'll be caught up!! YAY!! My goal is to get them done before vacation. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I was caught up on the school layouts at least. When my craft area is finished and organized I'm going to get back to the school layouts! These look great!

Keshet said...

Wow, I LOVE how many photos you got on here! What a great memory to have for her!

Keshet said...

Wow, I LOVE how many photos you got on here! What a great memory to have for her!