Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Autograph Album

OK, so it's no surprise this is about Disney. The surprise may be that it's an autograph album from 2008!!

The nice thing about this album is that I didn't buy a single thing to make it. Adhesive not included. ;) The scary thing about this album is that I still have enough stuff to make more albums....many many more!! AACCKK!!! I can't believe how much stuff I have's a sickness!

I've done one of these before you can see it here & here.

You might be wondering why do I have so many autograph albums to do since we go to Disney all the time & I'll tell you. Each trip we take we run into different characters. Yes, there are the basic characters that are a must-see each trip (Mickey & the gang), but there are some characters that are hard to find (Daisy Duck) & others we see sporadically (Kim Possible). So each album is different. The girls love looking back at the characters they met & re-living the memories. I like seeing them grow as they pose with the characters.

I have pics of the girls with Prince Charming & through the years I've noticed they go through phases. When they're younger they want nothing to do with him, then they'll pose with him only if Daddy is in the pic, until finally they're ok with a quick pic. It's fun to reminisce with simple things like that.

It's also fun to see how quiet & somewhat scared of Cinderella's step-mother they are. Joe thinks I could give her a run for her money. My dirty looks are legendary. ;)

In the last album I did, I didn't included characters that couldn't sign the girls' books. This album I did. I wanted them to remember it all, autograph or not. Besides, how cute are Mike & Sulley from Monster's Inc.?? We found this camel wandering around in Adventureland during the Pirate & Princess party in the Magic Kingdom. She didn't sign & we never got her name but it was fun anyway.
Instead of breaking out another album I figured I'd take a break so the pages won't look the same. Though I'll try not to take so long before I do the next album! ;)


Teri said...

Great book!! I love it.

Anonymous said...

This is great! My kids like taking theirs out and looking at them. Don't feel bad I'm still scrapbooking our 2008 trip to Disney.

Shell said...

super cute idea! I should do something like this - with some of the autographs - we don't have as many - but defintitely for ALL THE FLATTENED PENNIES WE HAVE from around the US and Europe... cost a fortune that did

oh.. and as for being caught up.. hmm I have not done any of my Disney trips yet... went for the first time when my youngest was 5...

check my blog its her birthday today - you do the math ROFL

Carla said...

what a great album Sara! Its huge!!!

Valerie said...

I just love this album - and your kids must love it, too. What an heirloom you have created for them.
2 questions - did you get all those autographs on 1 vacation or did you go a couple of times in 08? & 2 how'd you get the signatures on the tags - did you bring a certain kind of autograph book them cut it apart?
Amazing Sara!!

Suzanne said...

This is fantastic! You put a lot of work into it, and I am sure your kids love it!!! Fabulous, fabulous album!!!

laura vegas said...

this is amazing sara! you're the disney queen of scrapping ;)

Annie said...

I just love this book. This is the inspiration for our Disney Autograph Book.

Two questions: What size tags did you use? Also, what size book is the completed album? Thanks so much!