Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Prep 2014

Ah yes. Thanksgiving is upon us and it starts with a trip to the store for last minute supplies.  Of course, seeing Marty McFly park in the no parking zone is totally normal, right??

The light snowfall we got makes the house look pretty.  Still not a fan of snow, except for at Christmas.  

My favorite part is baking the apple pies.  Layers upon layers of yummy goodness.

Of course, I recruit everyone into helping in one way or another.  Gianna is a master pot stirrer.

I recently became a fan of cranberry sauce these last few years and decided to try making it myself.  Turns out, it's super simple!  Also, sorta fun to hear the cranberries pop.  

Pulled together a few extra treats as a side dish to the pie. ;)

Last but not least, I set out all the pots I needed.  Just to make sure I wouldn't forget anything, I used sticky notes to label them! LOL!!

Call me crazy but it makes my day go smoother. ;)

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