Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bowling Party

Today was Gianna's birthday party with her friends from school. She wanted a bowling party like Marissa's had in the past. I love these kind of parties since they are simple & easy.

Gianna could not wait for her party, even though she had already celebrated on her actual birthday & then again with family. This is like the never-ending birthday!!

Here is Miss Happy Go Lucky with my neice Nikki. I took a pic of Gianna with each of her friends, now I just need to scrap them!! ;)

Everyone had a great time, but I must say for 7 yr olds, they are so competive!! They were all checking out their scores constantly!

There was a minor hiccup where Gianna, while reaching for a ball, got her hand stuck between the ball & the machine. She was crying, I was panicked & couldn't figure out how to get her hand out, while another mother there was trying to help. Luckily, Joe was there & he stayed calm through it all & realized if he pushed the ball back into the machine, Gianna's hand would be free. PHEW!!! He is my hero!!

Luckily, her hand was not damaged, just red & a sore. Unfortunately, I am not good in emergencies & my reaction time is horrible. Needless to say, Gianna was embarrassed by the whole situation & needed some time to herself before re-joining the party.

The party would not be complete without cake & the birthday girl was happy once again!

Make a wish my sweetheart!

Apparently, her wish came true with all the presents she got! She was happy with all the new toys & goodies from her friends. Now her birthday is officially over!!!

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