Tuesday, April 28, 2009

365: Week of April 20

Mon. April 20 #110

First day back home & the suitcases are all un-packed already. And are ready for storage! It should be this easy to pack!

Tues. April 21 #111
Ah Spring---Love this time of year! This is my favorite tree {Wheeping Cherry Blossom --I think}. So happy that it's in bloom for Marissa's Communion this Sunday! Pics by the tree a must!!

Wed. April 22 #112

I was without internet all day today. Could not for the life of me figure out what the problem was! Eventually I learned that Gianna had been messing around with the router & turned it off! Will definately be looking there first next time! But man did I get stuff done around the house having the computer off! LOL!

Thurs. April 23 #113

This week at Gianna's pre-school it's been "Week of the Young Child". They've had fun stuff for the kids to do each day. Today was "Crazy Hair Day". I almost forgot about it then couldn't think of anything creative except a bunch of ponytails in her hair. My mojo has been missing!

Fri. April 24 #114
HAPPY MAIL!!! Got this sweet gift from my friend Susan (whom I've never met but bet we'd have a blast together!!). THANK YOU SUSAN!!!

Sat. April 25 #115
My cousin Maria's daughter, Hannah received her 1st Holy Communion today. I thought it was great that Marissa would be able to see what it's like before she receives hers tomorrow. It was a beautiful day with family. When we can, we try to do a group pic since it's not all the time that we're all together....or there are new additions to the family!

Monday, April 27, 2009

365: Week of April 13

Since our trips to Disney included SO many pics, I figured for a few days I'd include a couple of different pics. There were just too many to decided from!

Mon. April 13 #103
When you're at Disney you're always tempted to bring back memories of your trip and the best way to do that is to go SHOPPING!!! The best place to shop is "Downtown Disney Marketplace". It is the shopping mecca! It's all open & almost park like, with all differnt sorts of stores. The biggest store there is "The World of Disney", you can get lost in there! We take it room by room & stick close together--it's THAT big!

But there's also fun to be had....like at Goofy's Candy Shop! There you can cutom order goodies, like chocolate covered pretzels, or caramel apples, or rice krispie treats all topped with any comination---it's sugar OVERLOAD!! While we were there ordering our goodies I spotted this GINORMOUS Mickey rice krispie treat & just for the low price of $50.00!! I just laughed--can't imagine anyone buying that when they could make it at home MUCH cheaper! I actually have molds like this (shocking right??) at home so I can easily make it for the family....if they're nice! LOL!!

Another store caught my eye & I wandered in to find the ceiling all covered with yummy colored chandeliers. Right away I said this is my 365...but you know me & my inability to make decisions. LOL!!
Tues. April 14 #104

At EPCOT, we went to Innoventions, there is always new "futuristic" inventions to look at & sometimes play with. While walking around we saw families playing together at "Don't Waste It". You push this mini garbage truck to various docking areas & play interactive recycyling "jobs". It keeps track of your scores & then at the end tells how "green" you are by how well you did. It was pretty fun & not stinky at all! Over on the other side of EPCOT in the countries, we had lunch at "Le Cellier" in Canada. The food is really good (they feature steak) & the girls made me order the "Chocolate Mousse" for dessert. Although they didn't let me eat any of it! LOL! Isn't it cute??Wed. April 15 #105

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. If you've every been there you know about the "Streetmosphere". They have actors walking around playing out different parts. Very fun. In past trips we've seen "The Bandscapers", they're a group of landscapers who come out & play covers of bands. They go by the names of "Mulch, Sweat & Shears". It's loud. It's fun. And it's hysterical!!

My second pic of the day is a nightime shot of "Downtown Disney--West Side". There are more shops & restaurants but also some fun more grown up-ish things to do. The hot air balloon ride was new but we were headed to see the "Cirque de Soleil" show "La Nouba" so we didn't do it.

Thurs. April 16 #106

This time of year EPCOT hosts the "Flower & Garden" show for a few months. If you think it's pretty other times of the year it's SPECTACULAR now. I'll be posting pics of all the flowers we took in a different post.....

Another fun thing to do in Disney is to look for "Hidden Mickey's. Some are hard to find (yes there's a guidebook if you're interested, no we don't own one.) & others are pretty easy to spot. This was taken in EPCOT in "Morroco".
Fri. April 17 #107

A "must do" at the Magic Kingdom is "Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin". It's a ride, it's a game. At the end the evil "Emperor Zurg" is in jail & sometimes it's just the right place for your kids. LOL!!

Sat. April 18 #108

What 365 post during a trip to Disney would be complete without the big cheese himself? Here he is the one & only Chef Mickey! Making delicious breakfasts at none other than Chef Mickey's!

Sun. April 19 #109

Our last day. We had just had breakfast & were headed back to our room to finish packing & get ready to leave. It's one of my favorite pics!

Snapshots Album

A while ago, I found that I had a lot of extra wallet size pics. Since some were scrapped I wasn't sure exactly what to do with them all.
At the time I still wasn't sure I was getting a 365 kit so I had ordered an American Crafts 3 ring binder & had plans to make my own 365 kit just in case. Luckily I hadn't gotten far on the 365 album when Laura told me that mine was on it's way. So now I had an extra album hanging around.

Not sure when the idea hit me exactly but I had one of those "A-HA!" moments.

I did a little online purchase, when that came in I collected all my wallet pics, made some journaling cards & put it all together & voila! Here is my solution to all the extra wallet pics! This will sit in the family room & people can flip through it & read what they're about on the back.

Couldn't resist doing the cover like Nichol's. So easy & fun & I get to use up some stash!!

It's kinda hard to see the pages but you might be able to click on them to back them bigger. I used these for the page protectors.
This is what the journaling cards look like. Just used various colors of cardstock I had cut them down to size, then stamped them with my Autum Leaves stamp.

The journaling basically tells who, what, where & when, very simple & to the point.

I love how this album came together. My girls love to flip through it & see how they've grown through the years.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marissa's 1st Communion {{Photo Heavy}}

Today Marissa received her 1st Holy Communion. We had a beautiful day, the weather was perfect & Marissa enjoyed all the attention! She looked like a little bride in her dress! She looked so beautiful! The other day they had rehearsal & I had the hardest time holding back tears! I was sure I'd be wreck at church so I made sure to bring tissues. Marissa was so excited & not nervous at all--or emotional!! LOL!

We had an early morning to make sure we were all ready & had plenty of time to do her hair. I wanted to make sure we had extra time to take pics around the house & outside.
I was thrilled that the cherry blossom tree was in bloom. It was perfect for pics! It's not often I get pics in front of this tree, usually it rains when it's in bloom & washes the blossoms away.

This might be my thank you pic.....or this one....maybe this one....or maybe even this one.... I have a hard time making descisions don't I??I plan on printing an 8x10 of this one for our wall...would be perfect if Gianna had both legs down but I'll take what I can get!Here's Marissa with her Godparents, my sister Marie & our friend Bobby....and that's my nephew Tyler hanging off his mom....All the cousins plus or minus a couple.....We couldn't take pics at church during the ceremony so I made sure to take as many as I could afterwards.

I am pleased to announce that I did good & didn't cry like a baby as anticipated. I did tear up in the beginning when all the kids where lined up in front but I managed to hold back the waterworks!

When we were all done there, we had a lunch for everyone at an Italian restuarant. I gave Marissa the option of getting changed but I think she liked "dressing up" & stayed in her dress the whole time. Didn't take too many pics at lunch (you're not complaining are you?) & since this post is so pic heavy already I'm only going to share 2 more.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo Tag

Susan tagged me on her blog.

Here are the rules:
Take a picture of yourself right now, no primping or preparing. Just snap the picture.
Load onto your blog.
Tag 3 people to play… remember if you are tagged on another blog we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.

Here I am looking tired with those heavy bags under my eyes. Please take pity on me! At least I have some color on my face & I'm not so pasty white anymore!

Now I'm tagging Laura, Carla & Mary. Come on girls show us your "best" shot!! And no cheating ladies!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

365: Week of April 6

I'm playing catch-up & finally posting my 365 pics! It's only taken me how long now?? LOL! Hope I haven't lost anyone who reads my blog! I'm trying to get back on schedule..I haven't been feeling like blogging lately...or if Joe were typing this post CLEANING!!! LOL!

Mon. April 6 #96
Awhile ago I bought this nail kit for Gianna. Since then everytime I turn around she has been "getting ready for Disney" constantly! She's such a little girly girl!

Tues. April 7 #97
The craziness that surrounds life around here before a trip. I lay out everything I want to take, then trim things down to reasonable amounts.

Wed. April 8 #98
The craziness has been contained!! Everything's all packed! All ready for our 4:30 AM pick up time!!

Thurs. April 9 #99
All ready to go! Buckled up on the plane, ready for take-off. Disney here we come!!! We are so ready!

Fri. April 10 #100
The best way to start the day is breakfast at Chef Mickey's! Minnie makes the morning GREAT!!

Sat. April 11 #101
Our favorite park hands down is the Magic Kingdom. It helps that our hotel is on the monorail & just one stop away from the happiest place on earth!
Sun April 12 #102
Easter Sunday was spent in the Magic Kingdom. There we met with Mr & Mrs Easter Bunny & just enjoyed the day!

Just for the record, I'm going to try for unusual 365 pics for the next week & not have all "Disney" pics. That'd be just too easy right??